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Articulating Dental and Medical Care and Data for Patients

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Viewing (aggregate) dentogingival epithelial surface area (DGES) as a (single) open wound

To imagine the seriousness of periodontitis within the context of patient care in general, Professor Edward P. Heinrichs (Periodontics and Preventive Care, School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh) recently suggested comparing the aggregate “open wound” of periodontitis (dentogingival epithelial surface area or DGES), according to an authoritative source (Hujoel et al. 2001), to an open wound ranging (on the mean) from 1.24 sq. in. to 3.1 sq. in.



Full Integration of Care and Data


·         Hujoel PP, White BA, García RI, Listgarten MA, “The dentogingival epithelial surface area revisited,” Journal of Periodontal Research 36,1 (Feb. 2001):48-55.


Updated March 10, 2009