Learning About VLabNet – An Introduction



Papers about VLabNet:


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This project is the result of collaboration between RMU IT Technical Services and RMU C&IS.

Technology: Debian Xen, Quagga, Hewlett Packard

This RMU INFS6760 and INFS6230 project uses Debian Xen. Xen is a Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) originally developed by the Systems Research Group of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, as part of the UK-EPSRC funded XenoServers project. See http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-xen/ and http://packages.debian.org/unstable/utils/xen-tools

We use the Quagga Routing Suite for INFS6230

We use iptables in INFS6760 for packet filtering.

We use Snort, syslog-ng, nmap, logger, ftester in INFS6760 for intrusion detection and penetration testing.

Server: HP ML370G3 with a single 2.8 GHz CPU, two 36 GB SCSI disks in a hardware-based RAID-1 mirror, and 1 GB RAM.


Change History

x.y.z. = first three octets of assigned routable network addresses for INFS6760/INFS6230;

n = student domain number {nÎN | ((n ≥ 101) Ů (n ≤ 120))}

Valerie J. H. Powell and Larry Franzi, RMU C&IS;

Randall S. Johnson and Ian W. Parker, RMU IT Technical Services.

© 2007 by Robert Morris University

Update: 2008-03-22